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2014 Newsletters

How to Debunk 35 Years of High School Myths (July 2014)

The problem with myths is that they’re sticky – they are compelling, easy to remember and often repeated. In today’s newsletter, I highlight three key insights from “The Debunking Handbook,” and explain how these can prevent misinformation from doing harm in the world. Read more

The Four Bureaucratic Horsemen of GM’s Apocalypse (June 2014)

From Ira Sohn With Love: Three Investment Ideas (May 2014)

Pawn Shops, Mobsters and the Search for Value (April 2014)

What’s Dogging Your Portfolio? (March 2014)

Blackjack, Cycling and the Power of the One Percent (February 2014)

Foodies, Fortunes and the Folly of Economic Forecasting (January 2014)