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From Ira Sohn With Love: Three Investment Ideas

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I was fortunate to have been invited to speak at the Ira Sohn Conference, earlier this month.
And so today's newsletter takes a bit of a twist from our norm - it's a narrated slide show of my conference presentation.  
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Mariko O. Gordon, CFA
Founder, CEO and CIO
Daruma Capital Management LLC 
articleOne From Ira Sohn With Love: Three Investment Ideas

The start of the school year at Wahiawa Intermediate School also meant 7th grade band tryouts. For those of us who weren't musicians, this meant trying to coax sounds from various mouthpieces before being assigned an instrument by the teacher.

I thought this was nothing more than a charade, given the suspiciously large number of girls who were assigned the flute.

My cynicism must have shown through, as I was assigned the bassoon, a delightfully obscure, beautiful sounding and impossible to play woodwind.

How impossible? Let's just say that I count passing band class for two years in a row as one of my top ten life achievements.

And so I never expected to find myself, one day, on the stage of Avery Fisher Hall looking out at an audience of 3000 people, music being the way most people earn that view.

But the Ira Sohn conference organizers asked me to speak at their 19th annual fundraiser and I was delighted and honored to be of service. At the Sohn conference people pay to listen to money managers share their investment ideas, and a lot of controversial buzz results.

The Ira Sohn foundation has raised millions for pediatric cancer research, promoting collaboration among researchers, providing scientific instruments, and giving fellowships to promising young scientists.

While this (below) is not an actual video of the speech I gave sharing the investment case of three portfolio holdings, it is a recreation of my 15 minutes of investment fame. Please click here to watch it.

(P.S. If you like the ideas, consider making a donation to the Sohn Conference Foundation here and give back to a great cause that's been making a difference in people's lives every day.)

articleTwo Live From the Conference Floor

Thanks to Bloomberg TV for including me in their coverage of the Sohn Conference.

To watch my three-minute interview with Bloomberg anchor, Stephanie Ruhle - "Three Stock Picks From Daruma Founder Mariko Gordon" - please follow this link.

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