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Hannah Woodman — Receptionist

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As a recent college graduate, and even-more-recent New Yorker, every day seems to provide me with a new learning experience, whether it be as simple as avoiding taking the L to Brooklyn on weekends or as complex as how to make new career choices. Fortunately for me, learning is something I love. It has always been my philosophy to gain as much knowledge as I possibly can from every new experience and to use that knowledge to constantly grow and evolve.

I majored in Biology at Boston University. In an attempt to balance out the many lab courses that were required of me, I jumped at the chance to take as many unique electives as I could fit into my schedule. This included coursework ranging from Abnormal Psychology to a class dedicated solely to John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which has made my personal library both large and varying (and a complete pain to move from Boston to New York).

The summer after my freshman year I got a one-month internship at a non-profit in Boston that eventually grew into a full-time job. Capital Link is a non-profit that works to connect community health centers with funding to grow their services. It was through my experience at Capital Link that I gained an insight into the administrative side of business. I soon realized that administration, rather than biology, was what I wanted to pursue professionally - but not before I supplemented my book collection with many volumes on healthcare policy and guides to non-profits.

As soon as I walked through the door at Daruma I knew that the atmosphere of the company was exactly what I had come to New York to find. Daruma is a place where everyone is happy to teach each other, and everyone has interesting and unique skills to share. I am so excited to continue to learn with the help of this great team of colleagues, no doubt filling my library along the way with books about finance as well as 5th century Buddhist monks.