Jonathan Teich

Jonathan Teich — Assistant Controller

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I love a challenge. Whether it’s a 160-mile hike through Portugal, learning how to snowboard, or sitting on the board of a student government, I always seek new experiences.

This is hereditary, passed down from my entrepreneurial father, a CPA and co-managing partner of his accounting firm, and from my mother, who loves adventure and never passes up a chance to hike a mountain (or just the staircases at the Metropolitan Museum). Both of my parents instilled in me the need to learn, grow, and experience culture. This led me to broaden my worldview by joining Daruma in 2012, where culture is a key component of our workplace and opportunities to learn are limitless.

My journey to Daruma started at SUNY Albany, where I studied Accounting, but branched out whenever possible, spending time abroad in Europe, Africa, and China. These trips stand out for not only diversifying my studies to include languages and art history, but also immersing myself in unfamiliar and fascinating cultures. After studying abroad, I spent time on the University Auxiliary Service board, where we grappled with university community issues, including the age-old question of what cola vendor to select for our 13,000+ student body: Pepsi or Coke? (Coke won due to favorable rates — an upset for those of us who voted for unlimited Mountain Dew.)

After graduation, I joined the financial services audit group at Rothstein Kass, where I had interned during college. I spent three years working my way to Senior Associate, and also studied for and passed my CPA exam while working. As an associate, my clients consisted of hedge funds, fund of funds, and managed accounts, and I was able to master diverse portfolios and entity structures, gaining knowledge of multiple investment vehicles in all different points in their life cycles.

My move to Daruma was a natural progression. The pull of the buy-side was strong, and the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business that Daruma exudes was a perfect fit. The small team, efficient business structure, and longstanding track record didn’t hurt, either. Everyone here is truly passionate, hardworking, and, most importantly, up for a challenge.