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On Daruma’s Watch

Monthly Small-Cap Insights for Investment Professionals

Smart Phones, Smart Doctors and Global Super Bugs (December 2013)

The X-Men Go Bowling for Dollars (November 2013)

Bullmarket Regrets and Edith Piaf Songs (October 2013)

Van Halen, Tattoos and Brown M&Ms (September 2013)

Spooks, Romans, Lumberjacks, Lend Me Your Filters (August 2013)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s… ROIC-Man! (June 2013)

A CFA and Three CPAs Walked into a Room… (May 2013)

Take Two Tylenol And Call Me In The Morning (April 2013)

Musings of a Psychopath (March 2013)

Ducks, Swans, and Old People (February 2013)

Shoulder Pads and Supply Chains (January 2013)