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Tania Luna — Office Manager

I was born in Ukraine and spent the most memorable part of my childhood on a tiny farm where I was in charge of collecting warm, brown eggs from our chickens (without upsetting them) and managing our strawberry patch. I took a lot of pride in my henhouse diplomacy and the perfect ripeness of our berries.

My father was literally the only entrepreneur in our part of town, and my mother still believes it’s safest to save money under the mattress. The result of this parental concoction? A compulsively creative risk taker who obsessively tracks every step I take. Starting with the strawberries, I developed a boundless curiosity for learning and trying new things.

Throughout my career, I’ve worn enough hats to keep all of New York City warm in the winter. I’ve been an organizational development manager, videographer, marketing manager, psychology instructor and founder of Surprise Industries, a company that designs surprise experiences.

As Office Manager at Daruma, I am able to use both the creative and orderly sides of my personality while learning something new every day. My role is supporting our team and coming up with ways to improve our effectiveness (without forgetting to have fun). I joined Daruma in November 2010 because it somehow offers people a chance to spread their entrepreneurial wings while following driven and motivating leadership. While most companies I’ve known are either focused on results or on company culture, Daruma wholeheartedly embraces both. Daruma is that rare combination: a wonderful place to work that also gets the job done. This company is a team of lovable workaholics, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

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