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Claudia Cole — Research Analyst and Trader

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One of my greatest passions in life is learning about different cultures through travel. I was brought up in a hodgepodge of cultures – my parents moved us from the U.S. to South Africa when I was a child. This not only introduced me to the magic of travel at a young age, but allowed me to experience first hand how much culture and society influence the person we each become.

After graduating from university I worked for two years as a Media Planner in an advertising agency in London (working with research tools and analyzing how consumers think and can be targeted). Then I embarked on a long trip – nearly two years – that brought me all over the world.

I hitch-hiked across Africa, spent six weeks in a yoga ashram in India and accumulated over 500 scuba dives while working as cook on a luxury motor yacht. Over a relatively brief period of time I got a close-up view of a huge spectrum of life – from feeding millionaires to meditating with yogis who lived in voluntary poverty. Needless to say, this gave me new insight into the diversity of human experience in the world.

After my trip, hungry for a new challenge, I wondered how this new knowledge could inform my career. I was introduced to finance in my role at Capital Group in the Emerging Markets team. Within my first few weeks I realized that my email inbox was in fact my eyes to the world. A write-up on every major or minor event happening in every part of the world was right in front of me on a daily basis. I was excited that current affairs and behavioral analysis played such a large role in investing.

Being at Daruma has given me yet another perspective on the world. I see how each member of our team lends their unique insight to our investment process. Daruma has given me access to ample investment tools to help support the team in their investment decisions and to suggest creative ways of contributing to our investment style. In many ways, I’m still getting to experience the world through others’ eyes – and I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my own desk.